King Group Institute

Paragraph content goes hereKing Group Institute is Engineering , Management , aviation Institute in Yangon, Myanmar .We provide high standard internationally recognized educationservices . We provide real life experiences and knowledges to our students in Myanmar.


Our objective is to groom and mentor the next generation of Engineer and business leaders in Myanmar equipped with skills to analyze and solve real-world challenges of today.

Our Institute also focuses on making positive impacts within the community and the country through many diverse individual students. King Group institute have over 1800 students currently enrolled at King Group institute.

Our curriculum is based on international standards and our quality of teaching is delivered by experienced and qualified lecturers.


To become the leading education group in Myanmar which delivers the highest quality programs.


  • To prepare the next generation engineering and business leaders for the next level of their careers.
  • To provide high quality education programs by partnering with internationally renowned higher education institutions and delivered by top educators who are highly motivated to help our students to succeed.